16 March 17 -

Meet Trish.

Trish joins us as a Digital Producer. Her expertise in systems processes ensures everything at August ticks along like clock work: both in-house and for our clients.

With communication as a strong suit, Trish explores the way we interact across teams and projects. And, how those teams can better work together to deliver faster and at higher quality.

Trish is inspired by constant transformation and improvement. She’s here to expand her team’s capacity for velocity and progress.

Trish is passionate about processes that cater for continual growth and change, and rightly so. She has worn many hats throughout her career; from creative beginnings in post-production and TV broadcasting, to user-experience design for Salvador Dali exhibitions via NGV multimedia.

Starting her career in post-production at ILOURA, Trish then gleaned experience with broadcast design at ABC TV. This expanded into UX design with NGV multimedia, working on projects spanning from Dali and Monet to Thomas Demand, Manstyle and the Kids Space. In the time and space where analogue met digital, Trish found her knack for production, order and process. She continued this work with MCRI Raising Children Network, ENESS and RMIT. In the increasingly complex digital world, she looks for order, efficiency and simplicity of purpose.

We sat down to talk through Trish’s browsing habits, baking repertoire, and how to draw a hatful of inspiration from Edward de Bono.


If you won the lottery would you still work? What would you do?

If I won the lottery, I would work on projects that take on the hard challenges to make a difference to our community, like adult literacy rates and encouraging people to see green—aka a patch of nature near them—it improves your well-being and also helps you identify with your environment.

What’s one website you can’t go a day without checking?

Usually The Age, ABC, SBS (in that order)—I scan the local news and then fact check the story and get a broader perspective of the world today.

If there was one musician’s concert (past or present) that you could attend, who would it be?

Always Nick Cave, but I missed David Bowie; not that I ever got to see him live.

If you could pick anyone as a mentor, who would it be?

Edward de Bono—he always shifts your thinking to gain a new and deeper understanding of a subject, to arrive at a simple answer.

What is one skill in the world of digital you hope to improve this year?

Audience insights. Specifically identifying the audience problem and joining the dots to solve our client’s problem.

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