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Who would you be in 1933? Discover your 1930s alter ego.

In November, Pantera Press released award-winning author Sulari Gentill’s new book, A Murder Unmentioned. The sixth book in the Rowland Sinclair mystery series is an intriguing tale of scandal, betrayal and murder.

Pantera Press is a boutique Australian publisher that regularly punches above its weight. We collaborated with them to create a relevant online campaign that allows aspects of A Murder Unmentioned’s characters to interact directly with potential readers. Using novel approach that go beyond the traditional book launch, Pantera Press are developing true global audiences for their authors.

Inspired by the popularity of quizzes on platforms such as Buzzfeed, we decided on Who would you be in 1933? Take the quiz to find out which 1930s historical figure you would be. Perhaps you’re Kate Leigh, loud-mouthed queen of Sydney’s criminal underworld. Or you could be Hugh McIntosh – the Aussie Gatsby, raconteur, politician and pie maker. Your answer will take you to a specific page in the series relating to your character.

Once the quiz is complete, share your character results via email and social media.

This is the second digital campaign we’ve worked on with Pantera Press. In October we launched a campaign around the concept of ‘synaesthesia’ for the release of J.M. Donellan’s Killing Adonis. Connecting an online experience with a physical product is about creating engagement and awareness for the Pantera Press brand.

Whether you’re into crime novels or the roaring thirties, check out the quiz and let us know who you would be in 1933.

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