Privacy Policy

We care about your data.

We like to make sure our practices and the information we share with you about how we collect and handle your personal information are transparent and easy to understand. It's why we'd like to step you through the ins and outs of our approach to data privacy, and how it might relate to you.

You're about to go on a data privacy adventure with Fernando.

If that's too much fun, you can read the plain version of our policy here.

Feel free to use this guide as a reference point next time you stop by our website or need to chat with us.

We know privacy is important So who is this policy relevant to?

This policy applies to you if you're currently working with us on a piece of work (as a client, or as a contractor), if you visit or use our website, or if you engage with August as a business.

What types of personal information do we collect?

If you're one of our clients or potential clients, it's likely that you've shared personal information with us.

That might include your name, email, address, occupation and details of other communications we've had with you.

Bonjour! I'm a very important client
Guten tag! I want to send you my RFP

For contractors or potential staff members, the type of information we've collected might be more detailed.

This could include the examples above, as well as things like your bank details, superannuation account, residency status, CV or emergency contacts.

We'll only ever keep this info if it will help us work with you as a contractor, or a potential staff member!

Ciao! I'm contracting on
a project with you
Konnichiwa! I've applied for a job

If you've checked out our website, we might collect info that you've shared with us directly and indirectly.

Direct information could include the details you've chosen to share with us when making a contact enquiry or submitting a job application.

Indirect information might be data we capture from cookies, or from a service titled FullStory, which allows us to see when people can't find the info they need from our website. You can learn more here. Rest assured, this type of information is always anonymous and doesn't identify you personally.

Hola! We're visiting your website

For anyone who interacts with us, if you choose to share information that's considered ‘sensitive' under the Privacy Act, this is entirely up to you.

This could include things like racial or ethnic origin, or religious and political views. If a third party shares this type of info with us, we'll get in touch with you so you can let us know if you are ok with this or want us to remove this information from our records.

How we do it How we collect personal information.

Usually, the information we collect has been shared directly from you! But in some cases, it might be provided by a third party.

For example, if you're a potential employee, someone may refer your CV to us – that could be a friend (woohoo!) or a mutual contact. If this happens, we'll always let you know why we have the information, and what we'll be using it for.

How we use it How we will use and disclose personal information.

Remember that information we mentioned? We'll only ever use it for the purpose you shared it for.

That means we'll use your contact details to get in touch with you about an enquiry or send you an email if you've signed up for our newsletter. We'll never go rogue and order you a burrito to be delivered to your place (unless you expressly want us to).

There are times when we might share your information with our local or international service providers to make sure we can communicate with you the way you've asked us to. For example, this might happen if we send you our latest edition of Super8 using our email campaign platform, or when we work with a contractor that wants to get more information about the brief you've sent us.

Where we need to disclose your information to an international service provider, these providers are typically located within the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America (though these locations may change from time to time).

How we store it How we hold your personal information.

Whether it's stored in a physical or digital format, we always work towards making sure your information is safe and secure. We've got it locked down.

We do that by making sure we do the data equivalent of locking the doors, double-checking the alarm and leaving the lights on only for the team members that need it.

This includes things like applying password protection, using secure server and document management systems and ensuring any inactive data is archived.

We believe that prevention is the best defence...

But in the unlikely event of a break in, we will do everything we can to comply with digital and legal best practice when managing and mitigating unauthorised access.

You're the captain of this ship You control the data you share with us.

Under Australian privacy laws, you have the right to request that we provide you with access to the personal information we hold about you. If necessary, you can also request a correction of any of this information.

Get in touch with us with us if you'd like to make a request about any details you've shared. We have a dedicated contact for all privacy related questions. You can email us using If there's any reason why we can't update your personal information, we'll let you know and explain why.

Let's talk Have more questions or want to have a chat with Fernando?

Get in touch with our team. We'd love to hear your feedback, questions or concerns on privacy and how we engage with you.

You can reach us via email or phone:
+61 3 9445 0326

We hope to discuss any concerns or complaints you have with our policy personally, but if you're not satisfied with our response you can get in touch with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner by phone (1300 363 992) or online at

Get your specs on If this policy was too much fun and you prefer the fine print version, you can find it here.

Heads up though, this version doesn't contain any mention of burritos unfortunately.

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