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A new brand identity can trigger a whole range of changes for an organisation. We partnered with Anglicare Victoria throughout a recent full-scale brand transformation, working together to deliver a new and improved digital presence.

One of Victoria’s proudest and most prominent NGOs, Anglicare Victoria supports the vulnerable people in our communities. The team works to eradicate homelessness, protect families involved in domestic violence, and strives to alleviate a wide range of other social issues.

After engaging in a re-brand, the organisation decided to completely refresh their digital presence too. With improved processes, better communication, and a streamlined user experience, they would be better placed to advocate for Victorians facing hardship.

Our involvement encompassed everything from email signatures to staff intranet and extranet platforms, covering every angle of Anglicare online.

The brief offered up a couple of unique challenges.

First up, the scope of the initiative.

Deliverables included a public-facing website, a staff intranet, and various extranets for different stakeholders such as volunteers, service partners, foster carers and board members. Plus, there were some additional requirements that rolled into scope as the project tracked along. These included some softer assets like desktop backgrounds, email signatures and lock screens – lesser in scale, but no less important in the grand scheme of a re-brand.

Secondly, the identity refresh took place at the same time the digital assets were being developed. So there were a lot of moving parts.

Navigating these issues required frequent and open communication with Anglicare staff, to ensure that every aspect of the project was in full alignment. All requirements had to be delivered together for a coherent and coordinated launch, with each pixel mirroring the new brand positioning and vice versa.

The key to success for the whole project was close collaboration.

We’ve developed and continue to maintain a strong relationship with the client, setting up shared workspaces to allow for speedy feedback and iterative revisions. The idea was to eliminate the barriers between Anglicare staff and our team. This flexible approach made for a smooth transition and faster work flow.

Diana Holmberg, Director of Business Strategy, Planning and Technology, gave us some thoughts:

‘Through a strong customer partnering approach, expertise, advice and flexibility, the team delivered a completely new digital platform within an extremely tight timeframe, and with minimal tears along the way. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to a long term relationship with August to keep our platforms relevant and up to date.’

From early wireframes to website launch, ongoing conversations and workshops helped us to deliver on Anglicare’s needs.

If that means they’re better placed to help the Victorians who need it the most, then we couldn’t be happier.

Check out Anglicare Victoria’s new website or their Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the work they’re doing.

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