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Meet Sergio.

As an experienced developer with strong skills in both back- and front-end capability, Sergio describes himself as ‘the handy spare wheel in the boot of the car; reliable in the front or the back, providing peace of mind for a smooth journey regardless’.

Speaking of journeys, Sergio joins the team in Melbourne after relocating from his native Spain. ¡Qué leyenda! He’s spent the past five years working in digital agencies—with a brief period freelancing—before finding his new home right here at August HQ.

Predominantly working in WordPress throughout his career thus far, Sergio has developed and delivered over 50 projects, ranging from streamlined campaign landing pages to fully-customised green-field website developments.

Sergio enjoys shifting between front- and back-end, adopting a fluid approach to development that affords a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities within each brief.

No matter the project, the technology, or the challenge, Sergio brings best-practice techniques, reliability, and a natural motivation to learn, improve, create, and inspire.

When he’s not tinkering with computers or technology, Sergio enjoys photography, table tennis, and go-karting. We sat down to talk about the magic of the C.P.U., chiptune soundtracks, and the lifelong appeal of going to Disneyland.


Which website or piece of technology do you find most inspiring?

The C.P.U. It’s a tiny, magical piece of plastic doing everything to the extent that now we can even consider serious AI in our daily lives. Every time I think humans can create something that powerful, I get equally inspired and scared simultaneously.

Where have you never been in the world that you would love to go?

Disneyland. I remember going to Disneyland was a real thing when I was a kid. My closest location at the time was Disneyland Paris, but it felt too far away from home. It’s funny how things turn out: now I’m in Australia and for some reason I still haven’t been to Disneyland yet.

The happiest place on earth. (via

What is one skill in the world of digital you hope to improve this year?

For this one I’m going to go all-in on communication. Even if you are skilled at developing a solution, it can become something meaningless if you can’t convey the value of that solution effectively. Or a simpler example could be that you can feel confident developing a specific solution, but if you’re unable to transmit that confidence to your clients or colleagues, it might be perceived as being less effective.

What’s on your music playlist right now?

I’m trying to build a huge ambient piano playlist that’s easy to listen to while developing. I’m picky with what makes the list, so it’s been a bit hard thus far. Some good examples include:

That said, I’m also a massive fan of chiptunes –songs that sound like a Gameboy original soundtrack. One of my all-time favourites in that genre is a remix from the master, Sabrepulse.

Do you cook? What’s your specialty?

I do! Even though I won’t spend hours and hours preparing a dish, I’m the king of kitchen-based experimentation. Currently, I have this dish I’m obsessed with, the Spanish potato omelette. Every other week I have to cook one, take heaps of pictures and improve it in some new way.

I promise that I’m going to bring one into the office someday. Maybe when I’ve mastered the recipe!

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