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Finding and connecting with motivated markets.

How do you find the right audiences, provide the right content, and create genuine returns in competitive sectors?

Bermad Water Technologies is a global business specialising in cutting-edge water technology solutions. The team is thriving; they currently serve major national clients and suppliers in critical sectors spanning waterworks and mining, irrigation, fire and construction, and metering.

It takes a huge effort to keep that sort of pipeline flushed, particularly given the massive shifts facing industrial manufacturers on the cusp of ‘industry 4.0’.

To stay ahead of the curve and maintain strong partnerships, Bermad needs to be current, highly capable, and relevant. Across multiple sectors. And at scale. How do you determine where to start? Or where to focus effort?

Over the past five years and multiple projects, we’ve collaborated to consolidate Bermad as a clear market leader. We’re still doing it today; supporting the market through first-class technical products and connecting customers with high-quality contextually relevant education materials.

The problem

Bermad are rightly focused on the design, engineering, and assembly of industry-leading products and solutions. Although their output is high-tech, high performance, and thoroughly modern, the team weren’t sure how to effectively reiterate those perceptions for potential customers in a competitive marketplace.

The approach

Reiterate Bermad’s quality through digital content, after-sales support, and education: delivered in the right format, at the right time. To ensure we’re always trending upward and building on proven success, data validation and evidence underpin the whole approach.

The end-game

Connect with customers—both existing and prospective—using digital technology to provide support, guidance, reiterate Bermad’s quality and dependability, and ultimately drive sales growth.

Provide Value, Watch results pour in

Bermad products set the industry standard for quality, consistency, and flexibility. It makes sense that their educational content and support resources do the same.

Clear, accessible technical guides are critical for most Bermad customers. It’s not always convenient to contact a support specialist, so the ability for water professionals to self-serve in the field or on a job site is incredibly valuable.

By providing a series of practical resources for technical assistance—spanning training videos, how-to articles, and product guides—and optimising each piece and publishing channel for high visibility, Bermad offer compelling materials that are easy to find and understand. Plus, they’re free. They always will be. It’s all about consolidating relationships to strengthen the industry. When you consistently provide value, you eventually become invaluable.

In three years, the number of views on Bermad’s video channel grew from 16,000 to 147,000.

Youtube channel results

  1. 423k+Views

    Total views since the start of 2015

  2. 1,736subscribers

    Total number of subscribers on the Bermad Water Technologies YouTube account

  3. 39%Views

    Views that came from videos appearing in the Suggested Videos column or in YouTube search – evidence of effective optimisation

Website visits have jumped from 34,620 to 91,379 in the same time. Bermad is booming.

"The key value is working with engineers and product experts to create materials that simplify the technical nature of Bermad's products for people in the field, without losing insights into utility. Effective content strategy is about long-term support more than immediate sales.

This success is largely built on Bermad’s dedication to understanding and meeting customer needs. The sector’s perspective is applied to everything we do. When a business continuously puts customers first, it’s only a matter of time until they reciprocate.”

Aziza Mohamed, Content + Production


Bermad's technical resources have proven so valuable they're connecting with global audiences of engineering communities around the world.

Consistency and specificity are the key. Over time, the channel has grown to offer a wealth of product-specific learning materials, along with general industry guides. The results suggest the blend is resonating with Bermad’s key audiences, both at home and abroad.

The Bermad video channel averages over 8,500 views per month, with thousands of unique views and visitors flocking in from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

These results don’t happen by chance. Like the products Bermad design and deliver, the approach is all about measurement, control, accuracy, and analysis.


Beyond guiding Bermad on how to forecast, create and publish content across a range of channels, we use auditing and technical optimisation practices to ensure everything is strategically built for sustainable success.

These processes help build a pipeline of upcoming content and website improvements that are ultimately informed by what’s proving successful today. Measuring what material is working—and on what platform—has been a driving factor for content creation, website optimisation, and even the development of new technologies for live customer support channels.

'It’s a fantastic thing to work with an organisation over several years. To have a wealth of data to draw from, a solid understanding of the business, and a rhythm and routine for delivery, measurement, learning and growth.'

Mike McCusker, Analyst


Given the broad range of sectors Bermad supply—and the varying roles their products play within those markets—it makes sense to upskill partners in line with industry specific product needs. This insight helped create the Bermad Knowledge Hub.

The Knowledge Hub is a comprehensive library of sector-specific training materials, guides and walkthroughs.
With relevant pathways to a breadth of valuable information—including how-to instruction manuals, performance accreditations, CAD files, and other data sheets—key audiences can find valuable product-specific content quickly.

Product resources with purpose

The easy accessibility of specific resources brings a huge amount of traffic to the site: over 315,788 views on product pages in the past year and 116,163 product-specific resource downloads—meaning roughly one-in-three visitors downloads a product resource.

Bermad’s product resources focus on educating their audience with content that’s fit for purpose: engineers need to have access to clear and useful information on commissioning, optimising, and maintaining their valve of metering product.

Education is a key part of Bermad’s ability to maintain valuable industry connections, but the underlying goal is engagement. Ideally, connection leads to conversion: ongoing, mutually beneficial partnerships.


While their products offer the latest design capabilities available to the market, their outstanding technical assistance and experienced team of engineering experts set the standard when it comes to customer service and support.

Alongside an expansive library of online resources to their customers—including video demonstrations, how to articles, and product data sheets—the Bermad team also offers onsite training for customers looking for tips on optimising, installing, or maintaining their Bermad product.

With customers in every corner of the country, this onsite support is a key part of Bermad’s service offering and has always been free for new and existing clients, even if it means flying across Australia to offer training or emergency commissioning assistance.

Live support

To help Bermad with their support requests, we developed their Live Support tool, which connects customers with a Bermad engineer over a video call that’s facilitated by their website.

Before the creation of the tool, Bermad had found it helpful to use Facetime when troubleshooting with customers.

This tool formalises this experience and provides a clear pathway for customers who need on-demand support. The Live Support tool allows customers to get in touch with Bermad on the spot, without the tyranny of distance that comes with servicing fields, trunk mains, reticulation systems, and tunnels across the expansive Australian countryside.


Future plans for Bermad include continuing to lead the industry with their robust library of content.

Consistency is key, and with each product development, new accreditation, or update to technology, their team continues to develop resources that support the understanding and knowledge of their audience.

This extends to their plans to facilitate training sessions at each of their offices across Australia. By offering hands-on experience for current and prospective clients, they continue to promote their range at no cost to customers. There’s opportunity for this training to be facilitated via a live stream, or be recorded for a tailored program, unique to each customer.

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