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The Project Progress for the public sector.

The VPSC has a wide range of objectives. The Commission works to strengthen the efficiency, effectiveness and overall capability of the public sector, while ensuring professionalism and integrity in all aspects of its operation. The VPSC website is packed full of resources and publications that help achieve these objectives.

Our challenge? Redevelop the VPSC's online presence in a way that guides various audiences to the right information, faster. There were two parts of the project that were critical to its success: defining the audience and carefully curating the content.

Defining the audience Who uses the site?

As with any site redevelopment, it was essential to get an understanding of the main audiences. Through working with the VPSC and applying persona analysis, we identified the five types of people who use the VPSC website.

  • HR

    HR staff in the Victorian public sector use the site to find up-to-date HR information and guidelines.

  • Managers

    Managers from various departments in the Victorian public sector use the site as a resource for information, assistance and recruitment.

  • Executives

    The VSPC site is a resource that helps Executives to assess and build a productive culture, create and support organisational change, and manage workforce risk.

  • Board Members

    Board Members can find various resources regarding public entity boards, role-specific information, updates on governance, obligations, and performance measures.

  • Employees

    Anyone working in the Victorian public sector as an employee can use the VPSC site to find information on what the sector does, codes of conduct, and guidelines, and to learn about the knowledge, skills and qualities required to build a career in this industry.


Content The write approach.

A major goal for this project was to refine and rework the VPSC's existing content, to make it easier to search, explore and use. The approach for user experience was to create a site that is simple and enjoyable to navigate, so we figured the content should be the same.

Every piece of copy that you read on the site ran through the process on the left, to ensure it is scannable, simple to digest and easily applied as a resource. Every – single – word. It was a big task, but hugely worth it: when content is king, every sentence needs the royal treatment.


Design A fresh new face
for the VPSC.

The VPSC went through a major rebrand in 2014. So, when it came time for us to design and build their new responsive website, it was clear: the new site had to reflect the new brand. Thanks to our design team and their considered approach to pixel placement, the site captures the VPSC's visual identity with a clean, coherent and easy to consume aesthetic.


Deliverables Improving government recruitment.

The existing approach seemed a little outdated – a physical deck of cards that could be used to build position descriptions and help interview candidates. While the card system seemed to be serviceable, we saw the opportunity to lend a hand – to help make the entire system more reliable, robust, easier to use, and much more efficient.

The VPSC now has an online tool that's accessible from any device. Combinations of cards can be saved and sent to colleagues, meaning collaboration, consultation and data capture is easier than ever before.

Check out the image below to see how it works.


Summary Hone, sweet hone:
a refined VPSC.

By working in close collaboration with our contacts at the VPSC, we improved the website by building on existing elements, refining assets, and revising overall site architecture.

Through considered changes to design, UX, content, functionality and general features, we were able to create a website that is better suited to deliver on the VPSC's objectives, and that improves outcomes for all of the various user groups.