Anglicare Victoria

Sustained digital transformation for better tomorrows.

Supporting a non-profit's long-term strategy to create happier, healthier and stronger young people and families.

As a leading provider of foster care and community support services, Anglicare Victoria works to provide better tomorrows for children, young people, and families experiencing hardship. Supporting tens of thousands of Victorians every year, their 2000+ staff and volunteers operate from more than 93 sites across the state to deliver crucial assistance online, at home and in the community.

Anglicare Victoria adopts a forward-thinking and sustained commitment to positive transformation on every front. Over the past eight years, the team has constantly embraced new initiatives to provide a better future for Victorian children and families facing hardship. Through a sustained focus on upgrading tools, processes, and capability, Anglicare Victoria continually improves the way it connects with—and serves—clients, supporters, service partners, volunteers, and donors.

The problem

Non-profit marketing teams face a range of constantly evolving and highly complex challenges. With the fundraising landscape more competitive than ever before, it’s crucial that organisations are empowered with the right technology, information, and skillsets. From campaign management to content management systems and everything in between, marketing teams with not-for-profit organisations like Anglicare Victoria need to generate as much impact as possible, with significant return for every dollar spent.

The approach

For Anglicare Victoria, the ideal approach has been a little, often, on many different fronts. After rebuilding their public website in the wake of a significant rebrand project, the team has engaged an ongoing program of digital transformation. Their activity has encompassed intranets and extranets to better support stakeholders, timely campaigns for fundraising and crucial advocacy, and gradual additions and improvements made to their website over time based on clear usability evidence.

The end-game

Better support for children, young people, and families, whether it be a helping hand in a time of crisis or providing longer-term support and care. By continually emphasising a sustainable program of organisational, technological and digital transformational change, Anglicare Victoria is firmly positioned to deliver on its mission: a better future with greater opportunities, both for the organisation itself and the community it so critically supports.


In an astute approach to transformation, Anglicare Victoria set a baseline of strong foundations through a website rebuild, before building out additional capability and improvements over time.


It’s common for a brand refresh to act as the catalyst for a website redevelopment. Or vice versa.

Anglicare Victoria’s first challenge was to navigate the ambiguity that can come with concurrent branding and website redevelopment projects. The team brought the new brand aesthetic to life seamlessly through a program of close collaboration (often seeing project teams embedded in each other’s working environments), an agile delivery approach, and flexible modular development practice.

The Anglicare Victoria brand encapsulates hope and positive upward trajectories through geometric angled borders with warm bursts of gradient brand colours. There’s also a strong emphasis on impact and connection, with bold statistics and poignant photography of real people the organisation has supported.


From a usability perspective, the site provides a clean and intuitive experience for Anglicare Victoria’s many diverse audiences.

The information architecture provides clear, goal-oriented user journeys for multiple key stakeholders, including people seeking support, volunteers, public and private sector partners, prospective employees, and more. It’s also inclusive for everyone too. Accessibility features ensure the site provides an excellent experience for people with preferences and abilities, along with multilingual features to support people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. Whatever you’re looking to achieve—and however you need or prefer to consume information—Anglicare Victoria makes it easy to access support.

Beyond the public facing website, Anglicare Victoria also built an intranet and extranet to securely house crucial information while making it easily accessible for their many key audiences.


Donations are the lifeblood of most not-for-profit organisations. For Anglicare Victoria, timely initiatives and considered campaigns are crucial.

There are many factors that can influence the success of fundraising or advocacy campaigns. Anglicare Victoria is attuned to the sophisticated nuance of these many moving parts. Of course, highly affecting creative concepts are critical, like those seen in their annual winter appeal fundraising drives. So too, a balanced blend of investigative fundraising techniques mixed with tried and true tactics. With the right approach, every campaign provides a valuable opportunity to tinker, learn, and expand your fundraising toolkit for the future. For more detail, check out seven proven ways for not-for-profits to get more value out of digital fundraising campaigns.

There are also other, less immediate factors to consider. The sort you uncover through sustained commitment to continued optimisation. Anglicare Victoria knows that rapid website performance is proven to be a key determinant in the success of both fundraising and advocacy campaigns. Website accessibility—and aligning with some of the considerations of the Web Accessibility Content Guidelines (WCAG)—is crucial in supporting effective fundraising activity. There are powerful psychological factors at play in the way you prompt for donations, too.

By approaching campaign activity with an equal balance of adaptability, expertise, and willingness to learn and experiment, Anglicare Victoria has seen significant success.

With a best-in-breed site and steady flows of campaign traffic, Anglicare Victoria conduct ongoing analysis and performance optimisation to continually provide the best experience for—and glean the most value from—every single visitor.


Conversion rate optimisation. It’s the technical name for the careful blend of art and science that ensures every aspect of Anglicare Victoria’s activity generates the greatest value possible.

Beyond that, ongoing performance optimisation ensures that each decision or update to the site is based on a solid core of usability evidence. By monitoring the way real people interact with the site, Anglicare Victoria is able to continuously discover new ways to better support families and young people.

Over time, making small improvements to align with the wants and needs of site visitors creates an enormous accumulative impact. In certain situations working with similar not-for-profit organisations like Animals Australia, we’ve seen the smallest update to a donation form—informed by the right evidence and insight—deliver as much as a 1,409% increase in conversion rate, year-on-year. There is incredible opportunity to unearth by making the right adjustments with the right data, from removing distractions and streamlining the donation processes to improving the micro-messaging in forms and other functional areas of the site.